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1.30.2015 - 8:04PM EST

These projects have been abandoned

I've started creating a level/map for the free Steam based game Fistful of Frags(Visit the store page).

There are two levels in the works, the first and farthest along is inspired by the Grand Canyon. It's a river in a canyon, the river itself poses a threat to the players because it has a strong current and will pull the player over a waterfall.

Screenshots of fof_canyon in developement are available: Here

The second level is an objective map, where one team tries to push a minecart full of gold up out of a mine to reach a train. I don't have screenshots of this map right now. It's mostly just an idea and an early layout currently.

8.5.2014 - 1:40AM EST

It's been a long time since I focused on my website. As you can see by the dates on this blog. Oh well.
I've been concentrating on my JavaScript/HTML5 tile game engine. I've got a lot working, but there's a lot more to get working, too.

Information on Isometrik:
There is a GIT repo of the code:
There is a live demonstration of the engine available: View Live Demonstration

I post the developement code, in an executable form, to this website for "live" testing purposes. Generally this demonstration is little more then the engine and game code fully loading correctly and then entering the game loop state where it'll draw a small image based world map on screen. Some times I have it repeatedly draw random tiles at random locations as fast as it can for stress testing, or set the game world to be really really huge(for stress testing).

 · Tripple buffering. The engine is tripple buffering using the canvas element.
 · Image Tiles. Tiles are individual images, I use .png but anything the browser/platform supports is supported.
 · Android Support. Currently the engine supports Android using Phonegap/Cordova, this means you can package your game code as an Android native app and publish it on the Google Play store.
 · Multilayer Compositing. In addition to tripple buffering the engine is also multilayer(a canvas for each layer), you can program when a composite takes place to generate the final image out of all the layers.
 · Dirty Flags. Compositing and the constant backbuffer blitting to the front plane all use Dirty flags, so copying buffers/composite layers doesn't take place when it doesn't need to.
 · Proceedurally Generated Art. In engine functions for drawing images, and tiles based off multidimension arrays of pixel data. You can store your "image" as a multidimensional array of pixel data(that I've dubbed 'imaj') rather then as an actual image file. This facilitates proceedurally generated art.
 · Proceedurally Generated Per-Pixel Blending. The 'imaj' system has some extra features for blending colors on a per-pixel basis, you control which adjacent pixels contribute to the blending, or use a base color for the blending(currently hard coded to be black only).
 · Image Preloading/Caching. Real images are preloaded and cached, and there is a facility in place to mitigate entering the "main" game code block until all image assets are loaded.

Stuff Not Yet Supported:
 · Tiles of different sizes. They can be rendered, but the engine doesn't have any idea how big tiles are. There are engine variables for tile size, but these aren't mean to be changed dynamically. This is a planned feature, but for now thanks to the "mapping" functions you can draw groups of tiles(image or 'imaj') as if they where one larger tile and still have collision detection work.
 · Collision detection. Currently there's a lot in place to support it, but because Sprites aren't even in yet I have no way to test or reason to impliment collision detection.
 · Sprites. There is a Sprite data type/class implimented, but not used yet. It's kind of a place holder for now.
 · Anything to do with AI. Pathfinding, decision making, everything. None of it is there. Sadface.

12.3.2013 - 11:39PM EST

A C++ist goes to the airport,
builds the air traffic control tower,
builds AI robots to run it,
studies aeronautics and builds an airplane,
learns how to operate it,
learns how to parachute,
builds a parachute,
and takes off and remembers in mid-flight that there's no breaks.

11.22.2013 - 11:44PM EST

The move to the new server is completed. Hooray.



11.9.2013 - 2:36PM EST

To go along with the site design overhaul to prepair for mobile friendly-ness, inspired by my purchase of AIDE PhoneGap/Cordova to produce Android native(as in available on the play store) web apps,
the site is moving to a new host! Yay!

Android Market Link to: AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C++
Android Market Link to: AIDE IDE for PhoneGap/Cordova


10.24.2013 - 9:14PM EST

This site is undergoing a massive update, switching to a mobile compatible design.

Concerning the Tetris game:
Development on the current version of the game has stopped, a full rewrite - Version 2.0 - is in the works.
Nothing about the current version has stopped working, but if you cheat the scoreboard when I switch over to the new version your score will not be saved.


Voting is open for the next classic game for me to port to JavaScript/HTML5,
   once Tetris is finished.

Votes so far:
     Galaga: guideX | sr71 | entitativity
     Tron lightcycles: o0elise0o
               Disney provided Tron webgames: [Play Classic Tron] | [Play Discs of Tron]
     Excitebike: swiveln9
     Duck Hunt: Sketch

Vote totals:
     Galaga: 3
     Tron: 1
     Excitebike: 1
     Duck Hunt: 1

Mario Bros(atari),
Dr Mario